Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day Special—One Day only--

February 14th. 2017----- if you enroll in Documentation For The Activity Professionals CEUs (click on the WORD CEUs for the link) on February 14th----- when I send your course information for completion ---I will also send you for free a course that is 3 ceu’s that is pre-approved by NCCAP.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Julie Clark of Greenfield Health Services, MA has recently completed the MEPAP(Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals) Part 1. This course is one of the steps in becoming Nationally Certified through NCCAP (National Certification Council for Activity Professionals). NCCAP has written the course that meets Federal regulations on activity director qualifications. (F-tag 249). For more information on the MEPAP course and or ceus— #activitydirector

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NCCAP opens a window for ADC Track 6

 Check out this article on the certification Opportunity

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To assist with those wishing to pursue or help another pursue the ADC Track 6 -
ADC Track 6 Scenarios
1. High school diploma and/or GED
2. The completion of both MEPAP courses - MUST have been completed between (2002 - present) – verified by submitting a certificate of completion, signed by the pre approved instructor
3. 6 years (12,000 hours) of current activity experience –within the past 10 years
4. 40 hours of continuing education – 20% (8 hours) of which specifically addresses activity documentation (MDS, care planning etc).
5. Pass NCCAP Exam
*Completes the ADC Track 6 form, (or writes ADC Track 6 on the NCCAP application) might do both
*Submits the 90.00 ADC level fee
*Completes the FRONT cover of the NCCAP application, writes ADC Track 6 on the NCCAP application, also checks level change, and submits;
1. the 10 additional ce’s – they MUST be on documentation if not already, if already have 10 of their CURRENT 30 ce’s on documentation, just need the 10 of anything additional ce’s
2. level change fee of 70.00
*Completes the FRONT cover of the NCCAP application, writes ADC Track 6 on the NCCAP application, also check level change/renew, and submits;
1. 40 ce’s, 10 MUST be on documentation
2. level change fee of 70.00 AND the renewal fee of 75.00 (if after 1/1/17) AND the 55.00 late fee
**For anyone with an expired certification over one year, email
ANY current AAC, or ADPC, IF they submit all the required areas to level change to the ADC Track 6, CAN complete a level change application and submit the required items and the level change fee. (just like any other level change from the past).

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Just click on the link above!
Great  NCCAP Symposium information!
Are you going?

Monday, January 9, 2017


CMS Unveils Consumer Websites for Comparing Rehab Facilities, LTC Hospitals

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has unveiled two new websites for consumers that include information about the quality of inpatient rehabilitation facilities and long-term care hospitals.
Under federal law, these health care organizations are required to report quality data to CMS on various quality measures and health outcomes, such as regarding pressure ulcers or readmissions.
CMS says the websites will be optimized for mobile use. The sites are available online at and