Sunday, January 18, 2015


Happy National Activity Professionals Week Making Moments Count is this year's theme for National Activity Professionals Week which runs from January 18th through 24th. NCCAP is sponsoring a week of complimentary chats during our week. The chats will be held each evening at 8 PM EST. The topics are as follows: 1/18-Sunday- Kathy Hughes-Sensory Programs 1/19-Monday- Cindy Bradshaw- Streamlining NCCAP applications/processes 1/20-Tuesday-Debbie Hommel-The ABC’s of Understanding the Cause of Dementia Driven Behaviors 1/21-Wednesday- Murv Delpino- Activity Supplies on a Dime- Resources that can help stretch your Department budget Dollars ! 1/22-Thursday-Sulekha Zaug-Personality Conflicts-Tips for Managing Behaviors During Activities 1/23-Friday- Sherry Barzak-Strategies for Dealing with Mental Illness as a 1:1 1/24 -Saturday-Ruth Roach Martanis-Keeping Your Patients Motivated in Rehab with Activities 1/25- Sunday-Kathy Hughes-Themed Events Chat room link: You also need this: NCCAP chat form submit for the credit.

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