Saturday, July 22, 2017


Umbrella of Dementia-One of Many-Vascular Dementia 

Umbrella of Dementia-One of Many-Vascular Dementia
NCCAP approved 6.5 contact hours
PRE-APPROVED FOR 6.5 CLOCK HOURS(all items sent by email)

Course Requirements:   Materials are sent to you and you will  take the pretest, read and complete all items as outlined in the directions information, and take the post test .  You will receive all items by email and will return all items by email, fax, and or scanning.  Once the materials are received and a passing grade is determined, your certificate will be emailed to you.  Computer with Internet connection needed for this CEU.
Course Content: The reading and tasks you complete will give you an increased level of understanding  of Vascular Dementia; you will also be looking at up to date resources to better understand this topic.
Content meets NCCAP Body of Knowledge Topic areas 16,21

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